De-cluttering and getting rid of all the old bits and bobs you no longer need is something you should try and do at least annually. There are all sites of websites particularly designed to help you sell your old things to deserving new owners and some are multipurpose but when you look at everything you’ve got it can be hard to decide what stays and what goes. If you’ve already de-cluttered and still want to sell then have another look around your home and you’ll be surprised what else you can sell.

Below are some ways you can sell your stuff online and also make money out of wares you create yourself.

Home Grown Goods

If you have an allotment or your own veggie patch then why not plant some more than usual this year? You can pop down your local farmer’s market with your excess or advertise them online and drop them off to anyone who’s interested. There’s nothing better than home grown veg but many people don’t have the time or opportunity to grow their own.


Old Gadgets

You can get rid of your old gadgets on the standard sell-anything websites or you could consider using more specialised sites. There are companies who specialise in mobile phones, tablets and more. You could also consider selling old jewellery to one of the pop-up gold dealers in your local shopping centre. There are plenty of scrap metal dealers around too who you can contact if you’ve got some old scrap that needs moving on. You can barter and haggle in person too.

Craft Queen

If you have a crafting hobby then there’s scope to make some cash back. The internet gives you the chance to reach millions of people and promote your makes. Whether you knit cardigans or hand-carve figurines there are platforms online where you can sell your products alongside other home crafters. You can also check in with your local craft fairs and set up your own stall and build more contacts.

Direct Selling

Direct selling has stepped up significantly from where it was in the past. There are hundreds of companies offering you the chance to sell their products and build your own small business within their brand. You can go fulltime with these things or you can simply build them into your spare time. There are a whole range of companies across different markets including books, cooking equipment, beauty products and jewellery. If you have a passion for any of these things then you could be the perfect salesperson. Whether you’ll be successful will depend highly on the other distributors in your area and whether there’s space for another one and whether you are dedicated and informed about your product range.

There are plenty of things you can sell from home and they don’t all necessarily have to be things that were already in there. It doesn’t always have to be de-cluttering time to make some money online or at your local market so take a chance and see what happens.