If you are thinking about becoming a freelancer or contractor, or are simply new to the game, you might not be aware of all the requirements and minor tasks that you will need to take care of over the coming months. This is understandable, as there is a lot to keep in mind when making this sort of transition to your career.

However you are in the right place if you are seeking advice and information that will help you to make educated choices and actions both now and months down the line. This blog post will point you in the right direction when it comes to four of the administration tasks for people like you to remember. So grab a pen and a pad of paper, and write down a few of these to refer back to when necessary…

Tax Return

Perhaps the most important thing for a freelancer to remember is the activity of doing a tax return. It does sound easier said than done but it can actually take more administration time than you would first expect. This is because you need to register for Self-Assessment (SA) through the Government Gateway service, and there is a period of waiting before you get sent an activation code through the post. Only after this are you able to start using the service, and there are numerous steps required – as well as following important deadlines. Don’t be late!

Calculating Expenses

Expenses can be another headache for freelancers and contractors alike, although some people prefer to take the sting out of the tail by using services by various providers. There are companies such as this who can help with the technicalities and key points that are needed to be taken on board. Those who are operating as a limited company do need the services of an accountant so remember to keep this in mind if this is the path you are planning on following.

Email Communications

A more minor reminder is the amount of email and phone communication you will need to make when you are operating your own business. This is because you will have to stay in touch with all of your clients, prospective customers, and your suppliers. This can take a longer chunk of your day than you would often prefer, especially when a tricky problem arises. However if you deal with everything quickly, your inbox shouldn’t fill up too much, which can make the task less palatable.

Updating Website Content

Another thing you will want to do is to update your website whenever necessary. This is a place where you will list your services to people who are looking for them, so you should ensure that all information is up to date so you can sell yourself to the best degree. If you have prices listed online, these should also be updated in line with any changes to your pricing structure. Make sure to avoid typos to keep your image strong and professional.