The cost of day to day life is increasing and unfortunately wages don’t tend to be keeping up meaning there’s a shortfall in the middle. All families are feeling the pinch and people are looking for sensible ways to save money to keep their quality of life the same. You can avoid finding a second job by making some simple lifestyle changes and making use of things you already have.

Below are five quick and easy money-saving tips which anybody can try:

 Maximise your Skill Set

If you have a skill or talent which could be profitable then make the most of it. Maybe you have a great eye for a bargain and could offer an advisory service or maybe your crafty and can make wonderful gifts and homeware items. You could have a skill you can tutor or teach such as a second language or musical instrument proficiency. It could be you’re simply great with numbers and could tutor young children in mathematics. Make a list of your skills and take into account each one in turn and how you could monetise it and use it positively for the financial well-being of your family. Once you’ve done this you’ll probably be surprised by what you can do.

 Declutter and Profit

Chances are you’ve got plenty of shelves in your home packed full of items you never even look at let alone use. It could be you’ve a wardrobe packed full of new clothes that don’t fit or you’ve decided it’s time to sell mobile phone devices and accessories that are just cluttering up your drawers. You can start online and you’ll find many services giving you the chance to sell many of your items for a great price. Some sites will even recycle your items so they can be used again.

Don’t underestimate the Car Boot

If you’ve expended all your online resources and still have some items left then why not turn to the traditional car boot sale? You will be met with seasoned bargain hunters interested in picking up a deal and you only have to pay a small fee for your stall. Plenty of people will see a way of renovating and reusing items you thought were useless so take along anything you want.

Tighten the Purse Strings

Think about your purchases before you make them. Maybe you’ve seen an item you really want but it’s completely out of your budget. You simply have to forget about it, don’t even consider it, it’s the not economic time for extravagant purchases and you should give yourself time to weigh up the pros and cons of every purchase. If you give yourself 48 hours between deciding you ‘need’ something and actually buying it you’ll probably realise you didn’t want it all that much at all.

 Keep Treats as Treats

Keeping your favourite treats for special occasions will make them even more enjoyable. Instead of buying a little treat in every grocery shop save them for once a month and you’ll soon see a change in your finances. Less treats means more money for the important stuff.