Which Are Different Types Of Mattresses Available In Market ?

Choosing the right mattress is a task that has left many perplexed and confused. Due to the wide range of options available these days, people feel even more reluctant when buying a mattress as they are not sure about how to make a choice and fear making an expensive mistake. Moreover, carrying out a research and finding out about different products being offered is time consuming. So, usually they settle for the kind of mattress they are already using, not paying attention to their needs. To take the hassle out of mattress buying process and equip buyers with required information in order make the right choice, mentioned below are the different types of mattresses available in the market.

  •  Innerspring mattress

The most widely used mattress, innerspring forms the largest share in the market. Coil springs are used in this kind of mattress, the number of which can vary from 300 to 800 as per the mattress size; thus giving it a strong and sturdy support structure. The springs are connected to the wiring on outside, while special springs at the edge provide additional support. Presence of a wide border around the innerspring mattress ensures that the shape remains intact. Huge variety, affordable price and easy availability are the prime reasons making innerspring mattress so popular.

  •  Foam mattress

The use of foam mattress can be traced back to 1970s; however they were made available in the market for the masses only after a decade. Latex, polyurethane and viscoelastic are some common varieties of foam mattress. Out of these, viscoelastic or memory foam mattress is the most durable, but expensive. It is the latex mattress that is preferred by people more because of its ability to provide warmth in winters and coolness in summers. This kind of mattress is highly recommended for people suffering from pains and aches; especially back related problems. This is because the material used in foam mattress does not put pressure and gives support to the body.

  •  Air mattress

Although air mattress are not used as commonly as other types of mattress mentioned above; however being light and portable, these mattress make a perfect choice to take along on camping trips. The use of air mattress can be seen in many hospitals as well, as they are considered convenient for patients who are suffering from inflammation and joint pains. The air level can be decreased or increased, thus making it easier to adjust the firmness of the mattress as per the preference and ease of the individual. Being a relatively new option, the air mattress was priced quite high initially, but now these can be bought at very affordable price.

The above mentioned are the main varieties of mattresses that consumers can find in the market and choose the best one as per their preference. Convenience, affordability and durability are some of the prime factors that people should keep in mind when selecting a mattress, in order to make a worthwhile purchase.

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