How To Display Posters And Signs

Whether you are organising an art exhibition, attending a trade show or advertising an event, you will need some way to display your posters and signs for maximum impact. There are many different methods and products you can use to do this; the one you choose will depend upon factors such as your budget, how long the display will need to last and how you want it to look. For example, do you want a whole series of posters displayed alongside each other or do you want large, single posters framed in sign holders in various places? Take some time to think about the answers to these questions before you decide upon one of the display solutions listed below:

  • Folding Display Stands: These are perfect for taking along to trade shows or promotional events as they can be folded down easily to take up as little room as possible in the car or van. They are modular in design and can be customised to be divided into as many small poster display units as you might require – meaning you can display lots of separate bits of information in one system. These kinds of stands are usually made from PVC these days. Posters can be easily attached (and removed) with pins of Velcro so they can be changed as many times as possible. They are also a good investment as they are highly durable and can be used again and again.
  • Poster Display Stands: This is a variety of stand that usually comes in any one of three versions: cable, rod or modular. The one you choose will depend entirely upon how you want to display your information. Do you, for example, want to have them suspended from the ceiling or freestanding so you can move them around when you need to? The good thing about this kind of display option is that it is relatively cheap compared to some others but can still allow you to create a display with a premium look. If you’re working on a strict budget but want to impress then this may be the system for you.
  • Pop-Up Stands: This kind of system is perfect if you are attending many exhbitions in a short space of time and speed is of the essence. They are extremely lightweight and can be folded down, but what makes them such good value is that they require pretty much no assembly once you reach the trade show floor. But it’s also about how they look: if you get the graphics right and choose high-quality materials then your pop-up stands can also look very impressive indeed. Added to this, they can be moved around however you need them to and can be made in cardboard or plastic depending on how much money you want to spend. If you want to get more use out of them, there is the option of Velcro front panels that allow you to change the posters.
  • Twist Display Stands: These are less widely used but are actually one of the most versatile display stand options. You can join many different units together so that several separate pieces of information can be shown simultaneously. They can also be fitted together in such as way as to create a seamless back-wall display at trade shows, which can look very impressive. Because of the way they are designed, with a special tensioning system, they can also sit straight against any kind of surface. If you combine all this with the fact that they can be printed with the highest quality graphics and are easy to transport, you have a potentially winning solution.
  • POS Stands: Point-of-sale stands aren’t just for in-store promotions or product launches. They can also be doubled up for use as trade show stands which makes them an economical choice if you need display materials for both purposes. They allow for the display of a poster board on top with some smaller display stands below for other promotional materials like brochures or flyers. For convenience, just make sure you buy a stand that can be folded down easily and transported so they can be taken to and from the exhibition without any trouble.

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