Can I Still Make A Whiplash Claim If I Didn’t Experience Any Symptoms Until A Few Days After My Accident?

Whiplash victims can experience no symptoms until a few days after an accident, and as a result of this whiplash might not be diagnosed by a GP until up to a week afterwards. With many other injuries this might seem fishy, but the three core symptoms of whiplash are pain, nausea, and dizziness, the latter two of which can be attributed to various other injuries and illnesses.


If you are suffering from whiplash however did not experience any symptoms until a few days after your accident, you can make a whiplash claim. In fact, you can make a claim for compensation if you didn’t experience any symptoms until a few months after your accident, although it is extremely rare for whiplash symptoms to occur more than 6 months after an accident – and it’s more difficult to claim for because it’s more difficult to prove. We can help calculate the average whiplash payout for you.

The NHS says that after an accident, the symptoms of whiplash often take a while to develop, but most will usually do so within six to 12 hours. Neck and pain stiffness is often worse the day after an accident, and the recovery period from whiplash can take months. However, whiplash is usually a short-lived injury that can be treated with nothing but pain killers, but in a small number of cases the symptoms can persist for more than six months.

In these cases, the injury is known as chronic whiplash or late whiplash syndrome. Chronic whiplash injuries and late whiplash syndrome have the highest average payout with regard to this type of injury, because it implies long-term suffering. It is the seriousness of your injury, along with the length of the recovery period, that will largely determine your payout. You may also be awarded compensation for out-of-pocket expenses and loss of earnings.

Whatever the case, if you are the victim of whiplash, it’s worth discussing your injury with a law firm who specialises in whiplash injury claims. Compensation claims for whiplash have risen in the UK as victims have become more aware of their right to financial compensation for the pain that they have suffered.You are entitled to make a claim for compensation under UK law.

You can call the Accident Advice Helpline 24/7 Advice line on 0800 689 0500 or from your mobile on 0333 500 0993 to find out whether you are eligible to make a claim for compensation and how much compensation you could receive. Our highly trained and compassionate advisors will answer all of your questions and help you to understand the claims process better, with no obligation to proceed with your whiplash injury claim.

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