Net Curtains All Year Round

You’ve heard of a man for all seasons, well what about a curtain for all seasons? In the UK, we are lucky in that we are able to enjoy distinct seasons: summer, winter, spring and autumn. Each time of year has it’s very own flavour, its own aesthetic and of course its very own temperature.

But what does this have to do with net curtains? Well the way that we dress our windows will protect our homes from the worst of the bad weather. Conversely, it will also allow us to enjoy the best of the good weather too.

A thick curtain will have an insulating effect. In fact, even lighter net curtains can have an insulating effect, especially when positioned around the edges of windows, where traditionally more heat is lost to the outside world.

It is in the summer months where cheap net curtains really come into their own. They are transparent and so don’t completely occlude light intake. This is great in rooms that you wish to keep airy and fresh, perfect for sunnier days.

From a purely aesthetic point of view, nets are great because they add an extra dimension of style to a window space. This is great in homes where windows aren’t just a necessary feature, but where they are important design features.

Either way, a net curtain can really enhance how your windows look, and how they perform all year round.

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