New Trends in Home Fragrance

It’s not so very long ago that home fragrance was confined to air fresheners, and used to mask unpleasant odours. But in recent years there has been a definite shift towards new and unusual fragrances, with the emphasis on enhancing the indoor environment rather than covering up bad smells.

In particular, natural, clean fragrances have become very popular, and there’s been a move towards more environmentally friendly and organic products, mirroring a trend that has already been seen in cosmetics and toiletries.
It seems that, increasingly, we are keen to leave behind toxin-laden sprays and fragrance devices.

And while some traditional fragrances will always remain firm favourites, manufacturers are increasingly experimenting with adventurous aromas. Equally, products are being sold based on their connections with specific experiences and sensations. After all, scent is very powerful trigger in setting off a wide range of feelings.

Other popular trends are for scents which evoke nostalgia for the past and childhood memories.

The right room fragrance can make your home feel safe and welcoming, as it should be. It can signal relaxation or romance, energy and good times. Pleasant scents are also important to well-being, with studies showing lessened stress and anxiety, and even lowered blood pressure, in pleasantly scented environments.

This is understandable when you think that the sense of smell is one we are always using: even when we are asleep, it can influence our dreams. So fragrance is as an important part of your overall home environment as, say, music and décor.
What will your home smell of?

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