An Overview Of SMSTS Course In London

SMSTS course is related to safety and health management at construction sites, where different types of risks are present. Ideal for site and project managers, as well as business owners, this course is essential to be able to manage the situation in case an accident or damage happens at the construction site. Someone who has undergone this course is equipped with the right knowledge to handle various risky situations. This not only results in better performance, but also opens new avenues for professional success.

Before delving any further, it is essential to gather as much information about the SMSTS course in London as possible. SMSTS stands for Site Management Safety Training Scheme this scheme has being offered at various locations around the country. CITB or the Construction Industry Training Board is the authority regulating this training. Booking a CITB approved course is easy, as it can be done conveniently through internet.

The need for safety training is imperative at workplaces, especially at construction sites; where several types of risks are present threatening the safety of workers. SMSTS course is designed to ensure that same. Most importantly, anyone willing can take up the course, as there is no earlier qualification requirement. It means irrespective of your previous education, you can undergo this safety course and gain valuable knowledge. However, it is preferred that you have good command over spoken and written communication, as it will make it easier for you to understand the course without any difficulty.

Another positive aspect of this course is its short duration. Conducted for five days, it makes it easier for the candidates to partake in the course without much hassle. However, not attending the course continuously for five days will require you to redo it. The course is designed with various core modules, including topics such as safety and health, method statement, risk assessment at workplace, demolition, scaffolding and excavation. Apart from the course material, you can take part in case studies, presentations and group discussions, which ensures better understanding of the content.

The next important aspect of SMSTS course is its assessment, which is done through different exercises during the course sessions. The primary aspect assessed here is the candidate’s ability to communicate safety and health related information to the affected. For example, the candidates are given a situation, such as hazardous spill and the tutor will assess you on how well you handle the situation. This will further reflect if you have understood the course content and learnt the skills or not. When the course ends, an exam is conducted, consisting of multiple choice questions. The candidates get two attempts to pass, failing which they are required to take the training again.

The candidates who pass the SMSTS course in London are certified by CITB and the certificate is valid for the duration of five years. Once this duration is over, candidates are required to undergo the training again. This ensures that they are aware of the advanced safety practices and can prove valuable in ensuring their and co-worker’s safety at the workplace.

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