With everyone currently feeling the squeeze, we are all looking out for good ways to save money – as well as make some where we can. Things that we used to simply give away to fund etc. are now sold online or even at car boot sales.

Many people now sell their unwanted clothes and shoes as well as unwanted games, CDs and DVDs. Laptops, mobiles and even tablets which you are ready to upgrade can also be sold online, particularly if they are in good condition.

You can either sell the items yourself, or if you want to do away with the hassle, you can sell your items directly to an online company. Many of them now buy a lot more than just music and technology items these days.


To recycle your old phone handset just fill in the information as to what type of phone it is and then specify what condition it is in and you will get an instant offer price. Obviously, the more modern and better the condition, the more money your phone will be worth. This is obviously the same for all items but even if you only get a few quid, it is money for stuff that you no longer want. Better to get the money than have phones and unwanted clothes gathering dust and taking up room in drawers and wardrobes.

If you accept the quote, the company will usually help you to get the items to them in the form of a prepaid envelope or even a courier who will collect directly from you. The bags tend to be padded for protection but they are also insured so if anything happens in transit, you won’t lose out.


As well as selling online, there are other ways to make extra cash online. There are companies who will pay you to take surveys and you receive payment depending on the length of the survey. If you don’t mind sitting at your computer screen for hours on end, it is a good way to make a few pounds. However, don’t expect to get rich doing it. You may be asked to divulge a lot of personal information so this is not for you if you value your privacy. Another drawback is that you won’t be suitable for every survey because companies usually specify the demographic they want to question and you might not fit the bill.

Surveys usually work in bulk – often you get a specified number of points for each survey and once you have reached a set total, you get paid, usually in the region of £50-£100. However, be prepared to spend a lot of time earning this. You can make money doing it but it is not a good hourly rate.

Some people now make a living from buying items at car boot sales and charity shops and then selling them online.. This can be a good way to make money but you need to put a lot of time and research into choosing the products unless you know what is really in demand. Usually people making a lot of money from this know their niche very well – and can quickly spot a potential money-spinner.