Magento is often referred to as the world’s leading ecommerce platform. It is recommended by web developers worldwide and is used by a number of high profile businesses including Samsung, Ford and Nike. But what makes this particular platform better than all of the rest and deserving of its title? Here we take a look at some of its key features to determine why it is so beneficial for merchants to choose Magento.

Magento is built using Open Source technology

It is believed that one of the reasons Magento is so popular is due to the fact it is built using open source technology. Open source eCommerce platforms are free to use and the code is given to the public to customise, alter and improve. The Magento Community Edition is currently available as a free download under the Open Source licence.

If you are just starting your business, using the Magento Community Edition to build your ecommerce website will make an excellent choice, as you will not have to spend any money on downloading and using the platform. Magento Enterprise development company develop e-commerce stores that boost the online sales and let ecommerce owners to use their websites in customised manner.

It is feature rich

Whilst many other free ecommerce platforms have limited features, Magento actually benefits from being very feature rich. Even the standard version of Magento contains a wide range of features, providing merchants with everything they need to set-up and run a fully functional ecommerce website. We have bullet pointed a few of the key features below.

  • Shopping cart
  • Catalogue management
  • Search
  • Checkout
  • Admin panel 

Highly customisable websites

This world leading ecommerce platform gives users the ability to create completely unique websites. The fact it is so versatile means that it is suitable for businesses of all sizes and from all industries to use. It is also compatible with a wide range of extensions (usually known as Magento modules) that allow merchants to customise their ecommerce stores to improve functionality and increase conversion rates.

Magento users are not just limited to the modules found on the official site either. There are many talented Magento web developers out there who specialise in building bespoke modules, tailored to meet the needs of different clients and their customer bases.

There is an active community behind it

Whilst users of the open source version of Magento are not officially supported by the makers of the platform, like paying users are, there is an active community behind the Magento Community Edition. This means that if you have a problem, you can simply take your query to the forums and one of the many users or web developers will be able to answer it for you. The community is there to support one and other, providing answers to problems and sharing suggestions to help you get the most out of the platform. 

Search engine friendly

Magento is built with clean, efficient and overall excellent code, making it a very stable, reliable and search engine friendly platform. Search engines like Google prefer websites with clean and efficient code, as it makes it much easier for their spiders to crawl and index webpages. The ecommerce platform also allows users to customise URLs and meta data, making their sites even more SEO friendly.


If you are thinking of setting up an ecommerce store for your business or are looking to migrate your existing ecommerce website to a new and better platform; we highly recommend checking our Magento and all it has to offer. Whilst we have outlined many of the benefits of the platform in this article that make it deserving of it’s ‘world’s best’ title, there are still so many more features and benefits left for you to explore.