Ipod Touch; The Perfect Present For Your Loved One

Have you been trying to find the perfect gift for your music or game obsessed loved ones birthday or anniversary? The answer might be right there in front of you, without you even seeing it. The latest iPod Touch may just be the best gift you could give and it doesn’t have to cost the earth.

5th Generation iPod

The latest, 5th generation of iPod was released late last year. With most of the capabilities of an iPhone, with the exception of the actual phone of course, it is one of the best handheld music player devices you can get, and does so much more. The screen has a 4 inch retina display and the iPod runs a dual core A5 processor, making graphics look sharper and games to run better.

This iPod Touch has a front and rear camera, the rear standing at 5 megapixels can shoot videos as well as panorama pictures. The device can access wifi and can even have apps such as Skype installed for video calling.
Coming in a range of colours and storage sizes the iPod Touch could make the perfect present for your loved one and can be added too with their favourite apps.


At the current retail value, Apple are selling the 5th generation iPod Touch from £249, for a 32gb device, this price increases with the larger storage space, thought should red be your chosen colour you will be doing your part to help fight AIDS in Africa.

If this appears a little out of your budget you can always try shopping around, as you may be able to find a better price or even an offer on the new iPod Touch. Some stores offer credit for your purchases also with schemes like buy now, pay later or pay monthly available. You can also look for the product second-hand using eBay or a local selling forum.


The benefits linked to the new iPod Touch may help make your mind up. The device is new and any purchase from a high street or online retailer, including Apple itself, will be covered by warranty for at least 12 months. The devices design allows for a wrist strap to be attached to the casing, so if you are hoping to buy this for your younger son or daughter, there may just be fewer ‘oops’ moments. The headphones which come with the device have been redesigned to fit better within the users’ ears and the whole product is more environmentally friendly as it is made from recyclable aluminium and is free from harmful products like polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, and brominated flame retardants, BFRs.

But they already have an earlier generation

Do not fear, the newest iPod Touch has many enhanced features which will make the upgrade worth it. A new generation will be like a whole new device to someone used to an older one and they cater for the cost of the new you could always recycle iPod devices to make money back.
Charlotte Windsor is an ethical living and technology blogger from Poole. She covers many topics including ways to recycle iPods and other electronic gadgets as well as regular household waste.

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