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Some Important Information About Aptitude Tests

The office secretary is associated with various responsibilities, such as maintaining diaries, Answering telephone calls, taking messages, arranging appointments, typing and word processing, managing databases, minute taking, travel arrangements, organizing and servicing meetings that mean taking minutes and producing agendas, and replying to general correspondence. So, it is very important for the companies and organizations in order to select and hire the appropriate and efficient group of the office secretary.

The particular Aptitude Tests are taken in order to select and hire the best candidates for the appropriate office secretary role.

Essential Skills Required for Office Secretary

  • Oral and Written Communication – Verbal Reasoning.
  • Good Spelling, Grammar, and Punctuation Are Essential – Verbal Ability.
  • Clerical Secretaries must be associated with Good Customer Service Skills to Communicate with Clients and Vendors – Verbal Reasoning, Logical Reasoning.
  • Secretaries must be associated with the Adaptability, Good Judgement, and Discretion with Staff, Clients and Co-Workers – Logical Reasoning.

Generally, the complete process of evaluating the job aspirants are done through the particular online assessments that will ensure that only the high-quality candidates can go forward to the next levels of the interview. This test reduces the significant interview time and the cost of hiring. Various popular websites are there that are providing the opportunity for taking the particular aptitude assessment tests along with the detailed analysis of the detailed test results. The well-crafted as well as expert backed content will help the recruiters in order to select and hire the top-class candidates from a large number of job aspirants. It helps to simplify the overall recruitment process by making the time and budget effectively.Generally, Office Administrators/Secretaries are responsible for various crucial tasks that are associated with the office management as well as they need to provide their attention to detail, be organized and great at prioritizing tasks,  great crises management and so on. They should be communicated effectively to the senior management, as well as vendors and interface with multiple teams in the company.

The candidate’s verbal aptitude skill should be high as well as their sense of logical reasoning should be higher. By this particular test, it will be helpful for the recruiters in order to measure verbal, logical, and quantitative aptitude.

Secretary Test Description

  • Verbal Ability:  Verbal ability is important because the grammar and vocabulary are the prerequisites for good spoken and written English.
  • Verbal Reasoning: Properlyreading the comprehension implies ability in order to comprehend and reason along with the concepts on a written page.
  • Quantitative Aptitude: The particular assessment will indicate the analytical thinking as well as problem-solving ability.

Logical Reasoning:  It is assessed through: 

  • Cause /Effect
  • Statement/Conclusion
  • Statement/Fact questions

These particular questions indicate the quality of deductive reasoning as well as the inductive reasoning that contributes to Critical thinking ability. The particular test is appropriate for the following job roles:

  • All Admin Roles
  • Head Secretary
  • Secretary

There are various websites that are providing the opportunity of taking these aptitude tests so that the recruiters can select the best and appropriate candidates for their companies and organizations.

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