You may think something is worthless but that’s just to you – to plenty of other people it might have lots of potential. Rather than letting things you no longer use sit in your home and go to waste consider these ways of getting them a loving new home.

Use the Web

The internet may be the best place to start when looking for new homes for your old stuff. There are auction sites, local forums and even spin-offs from some of the internet’s biggest retailers giving you the chance to sell your stuff in a marketplace-style environment. In most of these places it’s free to advertise your stuff and you could arrange for people to collect to make it more convenient.

Dump the Kids’ Junk

Many households across the country are packed out with baby clothes, toddler toys and items which are of simply no use any longer now children are grown up. There’s no need to get sentimental and if you do, keep a few choice items and sell on the others or donate them to charity if you prefer. Some of the leading mother and baby associations run nearly new sales too where you could take some of your better quality stuff.

Boot Sale

If you like the buzz of the boot sale then you could make a bundle rather than hunt for a bargain. Getting your own pitch should only cost a few pounds and you might see all your stuff taken to fabulous new homes. Some websites even advertise online boot sales but they don’t provide the same thrill of the sale.

Sell DVDs, CDs and Games

There are websites online which are designed especially for the quick sale of DVDs and CDs. Items simply need to be playable and in their original casing and you can scan their barcodes and be given a price. Whether you decide to go with it or not is your choice, in many instances they’ll be worth less than £1 but if you’ve got a few to sell it can be worthwhile.

Book Sale

Book-lovers rarely want to part with their favorite reads but chances are you have a collection of books that you’ve read once but will never read again. These books can be sold on through many different means including the internet but also to independent booksellers. Some websites even let you see the price your book is worth via its ISBN before you decide to make the sale. There is also a craze for swapping books at the moment and a number of networks have been set up to facilitate this.

Recycle old Gadgets

If you’ve recently replaced your mobile phone or your laptop has given up then why not consider gadget recycling for them? In most instances they will have a value and it is quite easy to find out whether you can pick up some cash for mobile phone sales and other gadgets. This is a great way of ensuring your well-loved gadgets are able to be recycled.

Making some money out of your old junk is a great way of emptying your house of all those things that are just getting in the way and earning some cash at the same time.