With the blend of some of the perfect hardware like printer, mouse, and keyboard it becomes convenient to operate a PC and get the desired results. But when your printer starts showing the offline error signs, it means such thing cannot be ignored. You need to fix it and make sure that such problem doesn’t occur occasionally. There can be a possibility that the software might be outdated because of which the printer may not work properly. Sometimes, the IP address that conflicts or the printer software which gets corrupted are the prime factors to hamper the smooth working of the printer. Here are some steps that might help.

Reinstalling The Printer:

To fix the printer offline errors in windows, you can try reinstalling the hardware in your system again. For this, click on the start option and select the ‘Devices and Printers’ section. In windows XP, the section that you have to choose is ‘Printer and Faxes’ which falls under all programs category. Once you find the printer, select the remove printer option and exit the window. Restart it by again clicking on the option of ‘Add a Printer’ and it will start without showing you the same error again.

Update The Printer Driver

In case, the first step doesn’t work, then you can jump to the next level. For this, you will have to update the printer driver from the site of the manufacturer. You can search the printer driver through window update. But if you want better printer driver, it is always worth to visit the website of the manufacturer. You will have to submit the model number and other relevant details and get the latest driver software. You will get this in zip file from which you need to extract the information and then printer

Dealing with Wireless printer Issue:

For wireless printer the conflict of the IP address can be the reason of the error. To fix printer offline error in windows which is wireless; ensure that your printer matches with the router. Thus, whenever the printer gets restarted, the router assigns the new IP address due to which errors occur. To configure the wireless router configuration, you need to assign the static IP address. For this, you might have to lo in your web interface and make necessary changes.

Disabling the SNMP feature:

Sometimes, if such problem occurs frequently, you can disable the SNMP feature. SNMP is the abbreviation of Simple Network Management Protocol and gives quick results. You can refer to your printer manual if you see the printer status is offline.

Follow these tips to fix the problem of printer offline error but make sure if such things persist frequently, then you visit the expert. An expert’s guidance can definitely help you get the right solution for the issues that you had been facing with hardware. But at first, it is always better to choose some of the money saving deals and for this nothing can be a better option than following the above tips.