Various Products And Solutions Delivered By The Objective IT

Objective is a software development company that aims to provide quality content and process management services for the eminent public and private sector industries. It has been working to the perfection since 1987. Objective has met the business challenges over the time and delivered long term valued business positive outgrowths.


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Highly educated and skilled professionals strive hard to follow goal oriented approaches. Customers speak about the intellectual brains at Objective who deliver you cutting edge solutions.

Products of Objective IT:

Enterprise Content Management: ECM deploys tools and techniques to provide authentic content to the public sector organisations. It aims to offer original content without redundancies and errors.


  •       Easy to operate
  •       Major public and government sector industries rely on ECM
  •       Robust and Secure Architecture

Objective Connect: This enables easy and safe exchange of content among the private and public sector companies. Objective Connect is used to solve all the information gathering and processing queries. It focuses on making data accurate, consistent, and original eliminating duplicities. You can also share information from your in-campus ECM personal computer to the people outside your workstation.

Enterprise Content Creation:

Allow you to exercise a prime control on the content creation processes. It includes the following steps:

  • Create: Asses the requirement of the content you want.
  • Plan: Plan up the complete project and solve document version issues.
  • Author: Use editing tools to complete the content.
  • Collaborate:  Integrate with different content contributors on the same topic at the same point of time sitting across any pc or terminal.
  • Approve: Evaluate and review the content.

Solutions Provided by Objective:

The organisation’s efficiency and productivity is enhanced by its collaboration and process management solutions.

ECM for Small Firms: Presents information management solutions for small agencies reducing the time spent in planning, designing, and implementation. Higher levels of service, reduction of IT costs, privacy and safety of the private content of the company are additional benefits.

Public Sector: Deploys tools and techniques that offer correct and detailed information on time. The process management solutions aim to provide quality and consistent responses to all information catering needs. The complete functioning of ECM runs in a smooth manner reducing bottlenecks and burden among the employees.

Committee Lifecycle Management: Objective’s CLM keeps a track of the meetings and conferences generate reports peculiar to certain audience and maintain healthy corporate administration. The meeting management solutions offered by Objective have the following merits.

  •       Enhance productivity and efficiency
  •       Lessen the hours spent in making meeting documents
  •       Reduction of the production cost of the documents
  •       Secure and robust environment
  •       Delegate accountability and responsibility
  •       Transparent and crystal clear functioning of the committee process.

Engineering Drawings: Enable the workers to manage engineered content in collaboration with general content. This makes the system more secure, accurate and integrated. Metadata such as design specification, manuals, policies and safety details are provided with the engineered content.

  •       Drawing Management solutions offer wide advantages to the organisations.
  •       Safety and confidentiality of information
  •       Better decision making
  •       Increased productivity and effectiveness

PDS Management: Regulate product disclosure statement, fact sheets and other records with simple and easy to use content publishing tools.

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