Join The Battle For Azeroth, World Of Warcraft’s Newest Release

After the six successful war series to lay siege on kingdoms, plunder resources and a shattered reliance between the mighty Alliance and Horde, the World of Warcraft is all set with its new game –the Battle for Azeroth. While gamers are eagerly waiting for the seventh series of this epic battle saga, they have the convenient way to have the game keys of Battle for Azeroth from Gamivo which will let them enter the battle when the new sequel is released. The gaming mogul Gamivo , like always, is securely providing its futuristic platform where the gaming merchants can sell the CD Keys and the gaming enthusiasts can buy them.

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Battle For Azeroth: What is new

While the World of Warcraft was only limited to epic quests like Stratholme and Blackrock Spire through changing landscapes, the seventh game takes the battle to a whole new level. This new series will be released in 14th August, 2018 in three editions –Standard (digital and physical), Digital Deluxe and Retail exclusive Collector’s Edition. The newer features provided by the game keys include –

  • Allied Races unlocked in level 110 –Emerge through quests and earn reputation on factions aligned with the allied races. 4 allied races can be enlisted –Nightborne and Highmountain Tauren (Heroes of Horde) and Void Elves and Lightforged Draenei (Champions of Alliance). Create new avatars with the certain characteristic traits of the races and strengthen your faction.
  • Level 120 boost-up –From Drust Realm of Dead to Blood God to Underrot –quests are many to grow power through ten levels. Unleash the mysteries of lost titan volt and keep growing in strength through dungeons, quests, raids and more.
  • Explore 2 fabled kingdoms –Trolls of Zandalar Empire (Horde) and Seafarers of Kul Tiras (Alliance) are introduced to fight for the designated army.
  • Go for Great Sea Island expeditions and plunder resources of the enemies of islands in adverse environments to reach the goals. Three-in-a-group fights will help you with resources to fuel the efforts of war.
  • 20 player interface in PvE mode of Real-time-strategy battles for claiming a strategic location. Lead the warfront while the faction troops fight for siege.  
  • Penetrate Heart of Azeroth, the mighty neckpiece entrusted by Magni Bronzebeard for each hero, with mighty Azerite that has surfaced on the Burning Legion’s wake. Earn traits and powers and customise your avatar.

Why wait till the release date to enter the epic saga of the warfront? The World of Warcraft along with its new battle is already available for pre-order and purchasing the CD key is easier like never before. The Battle for Azeroth is going to be surprising, adventurous and a perfect treat for gamers.

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