Ways To Tackle The Condition Of Pollution And Smog During Pregnancy

With increasing pollution all around the world, it has become a health issue for the people working or roaming outside. There are more cases of respiratory disorders than a few years ago and pregnant mothers are falling more susceptible to these respiratory disorders. There are pollution levels in different places which have surpassed the limit long ago and as a result, the kids who are being born are gaining lung problems since birth.

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Tips To Tackle Abnormal Air Conditions

There are numerous kids getting affected due to abnormal weather conditions. Some of them since the early stage of life suffer from asthmatic problems. These are all due to the associated conditions of respiratory disorders in the mother that in turn creates problems in the respiratory system of the baby because formation of the lung can be affected as a result of this. When a woman suffers from a respiratory disease in pregnancy medication is introduced along with some lifestyle changes for the mother. There are some things to be introduced to help the babies stay protected from these issues.

  1. Mothers should carry a mask handy with them and wear while traveling on the road so that the dust and pollutant cannot reach their lungs. It is important to note that only the face masks prescribed by doctors as safe with proper filtration of air should be used.
  2. Incense sticks, candles and room fresheners should be avoided. One should use air purifiers in their home and in the car humidifiers work best. So it is exceedingly important to keep the air around the mother and environment clearer. One should also keep track of air filter clearing for better results.
  3. Mothers can also take up exercises to get free oxygen necessary for the baby so that growth can continue normally. Atmospheric oxygen intake can be increased by practicing meditation and yoga that includes breathing exercises. Deep breathing should be practiced and if a mother is unable to work out, they should try walking. Walking is a great exercise but needs to be done in an area isolated from traffic so that pollution never reaches the mother.
  4. Indoor plants that can clear the environment and have the potential to keep the environment inside the room should be introduced. These plants can make the room free of pollens and increase oxygen concentration so that mothers can easily breathe in clear oxygen.

The adverse effects of pollution can create respiratory disorders in common people and is bound to affect the health of a baby. Even after birth doctors prescribe not to take baby out on the road since their immune system are not well-formed. Thus when a woman is pregnant, respiratory infection medicine during pregnancy works best with increased breathing problems.


Enough oxygen should reach the baby for its well being and this health issue should be nullified from its early stages. Mothers should keep a close watch on the baby movement and by practicing specific exercises they can improve their respiratory health.

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