How To Fight Dandruff In Rains

Rains are beautiful but it can also give you some nasty hair problems. People thus suffer from a lot of hair troubles and that too frequently in this rainy season. The major problem that they face is of dandruffs. One needs to tackle this dandruff a bit carefully.

One can use some remedies to fight back these dandruff problems. They can use shampoo ketomac to get rid of these white flakes. Also there are other remedies to fight back the itchy scalp and frizzy hair.

Bacterial infections and dandruffs happen because the humidity in rains makes your scalp wet and it becomes a breeding ground of trouble. So, if one knows the causes of these dandruff formations, they can easily prevent it. Before that, one needs to know what exactly dandruff is. When it happens, it makes the scalp very itchy and dry. Also the scalp shed some flakes of dead skin cells which lands up on your shoulders and make it quite embarrassing.

What are the Causes of Dandruff?

Well, it can be anything for too greasy scalp to too dry scalp and sometimes it can be sensitivity to hair products. There can be formation of malassezia which is a common fungus and it contributes a lot to the formation of dandruffs.

In rainy seasons, the best way to avoid dandruff is to ensure that one has to follow a proper hair care regime. One needs to use shampoos which are specially formulated to fight dandruffs. Also one needs to wash their hair at least twice a week with a mild shampoo which will keep the scalp clean and infections away. Also, always towel dry the hair well and let it dry naturally. It is not advisable to use dryers if you are facing dandruff problems. This can make the dandruff problems increase.

Do not tie the damp and wet hair because this can increase the chance of bacterial formation on your scalp. Also, though it sound and seem nice and romantic, try not to get wet in rain. If you get wet by chance in rain, they dry your immediately once you get home.

Here are some easy remedies for dandruff treatment.

  • Mix a few drops of essential oils like rosemary or tea tree oil with regular coconut or olive oil and massage it on your scalp. This should be done once a week and then should be washed away with a mild shampoo.
  • Squeeze an entire lemon in coconut oil and then apply it in your scalp. Apply and keep it for an hour before you wash it with a mild shampoo.
  • Soak fenugreeks and mix them with curd to make a paste. Use it as a hair mask to fight back dandruffs.
  • Have a balanced diet in the monsoon. Drink plenty of water because this will keep your body hydrated and healthy.

Ketomac shampoos can be used twice a week to fight back the dandruff and keep the scalp clean and bacteria free.

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