One of the great things about living in or around London is that there are literally hundreds of world-class visitor attractions available for families to enjoy. Indeed, it could be argued that very few places in the world have as many great things to see and do packed within just over 600 square miles.

Of course, there is also something not-so-great about living in or around London – the cost. London is rightfully famous for being one of the most expensive cities in Europe (and now the world) so taking a family out for the day can cost parents dear if they’re not careful.

Fortunately there are some attractions in London which are free so families that want to enjoy a great day out without paying through the nose for the privilege should look these up before they opt for something that is likely to be more costly.

The RAF Museum at Hendon is a great option in this respect as its collection of jets, bombers, fighters, helicopters, missiles, engines, simulators and films offers a fun, enthralling day out for the whole family. Certainly there is nowhere else close to the capital that enables visitors to get close to so many historic and groundbreaking aircraft without paying an entrance fee. Furthermore, the Royal Air Force Museum at Hendon also offers a full calendar of free events and exhibitions that not only bring their world beating collection to life but also educate and entertain visitors in equal measure.