Six Unusual Ways to Save Money Each Month

It’s no big news that money is tight for many people across the country at the moment. We’re all trying to find ways to make ends meet without skimping on the things we love. Here is a mix of unusual ways to save money each month so you can rest assured when you login to your online banking account…

Trust a new stylist: If you end up shelling out £40 each month to keep your barnet beautiful, there are some great ways to cut your spending here. There are training salons dotted around the country which will offer prices that are a startling eighth of this cost, or perhaps even better depending on where you live! For men, try clippers that you can use at home.

Grow your own vegetables: Vegetable patches are growing in popularity and it’s easy to see why. Start with something relatively simple and work your way up to being a master gardener. There are plenty of websites dedicated to helping new gardeners so get Googling.

Buy pre-loved: There are charity shops all over the place so change your attitude and get involved. There are so many pieces in there that often haven’t even been worn due to being the wrong size, and there are also some gorgeous vintage dresses and trousers which might be right up your street. Also explore baby sales, car boot sales and moving house sales.

Adapt your outfits: If you have a stretchy skirt which could look fabulous as a dress, why don’t you have a go? I did this recently with a polka dot skirt that I adapted using some bra straps; the garment itself had lost elasticity but the straps were in perfect working order. Ta-da, beautiful dress! Another popular choice is turning jeans into shorts or even a denim skirt; find a guide online.

Recycle around the home: Another change you can make is thinking about the packaging you use in your home and finding alternative uses for it. Instead of buying your dwarf hamster a fancy tunnel system, can you make a safe one yourself using old kitchen rolls? I also love reusing those little glass pots you get with Gu puddings to put dips in when I have guests over.

Sack off the gym: If you’re paying for a gym membership but feel it leaves you short, find simple alternatives. Running outdoors is a good start, but also think about what you can use for weight lifting. For light work I use beer cans; large bottles of water are better for heavy workouts. Look at your kids toys and see if you can borrow anything – hula hoops are my favourite; you’ll soon get the hang of it.

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