It may be a bit soon to mention it but Christmas is really just around the corner and you need to be a super mum to find the money for all those special gifts. Whether you’ve got one child or three Christmas is an expensive time for families and below are some money saving tips you can consider all year round to guarantee a less stressful festive season.

Sell Unwanted Goods

We all know how fast kids grow and how soon everything from their school uniform to their trainers don’t fit. This isn’t all bad news as you can get a fair bit of your cash back through selling on those hardly worn bits of kit that look almost new due to your super-fast growing offspring. You can sell online or consider a car boot.

You can also make cash out of all those old toys that no one even looks at any more. If your children are school age you really don’t need that old baby walker any more but someone else will and you might be able to pick up a few quid to put towards your Christmas bill.

Plan your Food Shop

Food costs are increasing on what feels like a daily basis and catering for a whole family can be expensive. Get into the habit of planning your meals in advance and then you’ll have much less money wasted on impulse buys. Research suggests parents spend nearly £20,000 on food for their kids from birth to their 21st birthday and planning on a weekly basis really can make a huge difference, save cash and cut wastage.

There’s also nothing wrong with eating value branded food and if you’re cooking from scratch you’ll barely tell the difference.

Get the Best Credit Card you can

Most families need a credit card at some time or another and choosing the right one can make all the difference. Shop around to see which card is best for your circumstances and get the best possible rates you can. There are some cards now associated with specific retailers so if you have a favourite see if they are affiliated with a particular credit card.

Trade in, Shop around and Haggle

There is plenty of scope to make some bargain deals when you’re out and about shopping. If your children are after the latest Xbox One for Christmas then sell your old Xbox 360 first to get you started on your way. Some stores will also consider trade-ins and you might be able to haggle a competitive price.

Keep your Bag packed with Vouchers

There’s a voucher for everything these days. Every newspaper will be packed with them and you’ll find your email inbox filled to the brim. There are websites that specialise in showing you all the top offers and if you’re heading out to the shops or even the supermarket make sure you keep your bag packed full of those handy deals – you never know when you’ll get the chance to use them.