Tips To Prevent Yourself From Falling Prey To ATM Frauds

We are all quite aware of the fraudulent activities that take place in ATMs. Professional hackers across the globe target people and hack their account effortlessly. It is time we become aware of such thefts and take the necessary precautionary steps which will allow us to stay cautious. Unfortunately, hackers have nowadays improved their methods of breaking into your account with watertight strategies. It is indeed very alarming and the main reason for you to stay cautious when using an ATM to withdraw money.

ATM Frauds

Fraudsters have their own ways of installing rogue card reading devices to hack into accounts. This is just one of their ways to access your account, however, there are several other ways of doing it as well. Knowing the effective methods that they have started adopting, it is time for us to buckle up and stay careful at all times. The points mentioned below will help you to stay alert and prevent from falling prey to such hackers.

  • The Right Time – Extensive research has stated that most of the ATM fraud activities take place at night because people are less active during that time. However, this point varies depending on the location of the ATM. For instance, ATMs placed near casinos and nightclubs will not be victims of such fraudulent activities. This is mainly because such areas are always surrounded by people. However, the night is the most preferred time for hackers as the people around and inside the ATMs are very few. To avoid this, it is best to have the right team of professionals who will make sure of effective ATM installations which will restrict hackers from tampering with the machines.
  • Mapping the Footfall – Hackers do a lot of background check on the ATM machines before making attempts to hack them. They are mostly interested in ATMs that receive an average footfall of 15,000 people or above on a regular basis. These statistics imply that people availing such ATMs are well off financially. In case, the ATM you normally withdraw money from has an average footfall of more than the figure mentioned above, then be cautious every time you visit it for your transactions. When entering the PIN make sure to keep it private and confidential. This is a point that everybody knows but most often are careless about it. Keeping this in mind, the additional attempt from your side should be to cover the keypad when entering the PIN number. ATMs located in posh residential areas are the first victims of such hacking. The best solution for this problem would be to call an effective team to install an ATM machine that is hack proof.
  • Checking the Location – Interestingly, tourist spots are the first target of hackers because the maximum people visiting these ATMs are the tourists. Unlike locals, tourists fail to understand if the particular ATM machine is tampered or not. Hence, it is easy to fool them and rob them of all their money. Another common area would be a drive through area because the surveillance in such an area is very low. This trait implies that hackers do a lot of research on ATMs and people using them. So make sure you are equally alert and careful every time you enter an ATM.

It is time for you to stay alert and proactive when using ATMs so that you can save your money and account from getting hacked. The guidance provided is just the right help that you need.

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