The question remains whether success and money are the right things needed for acquiring peace of mind. It has been observed that some people regard success and money as the ultimate source for peace of mind. We work overtime in order to earn more money. With this money we buy articles of day to day items and also costly items and assume that they will bring happiness and peace of mind. But such materialistic person fails to get peace of mind. 

Given below are various aspects of Why You need to redefine “success” for peace of mind? Related with

Materialistic person losses interest in relations

A materialistic person tries to attain pleasure in costly items and becomes less careful toward the relations. The relation of a materialistic person with his or her spouse and other family members also get disturbed and even lead to sudden breakups.  Thus the person becomes tense and nervous.

Losses peace of mind

A materialistic person becomes mentally unstable. He tries to seek pleasure in materialistic items and becomes cruel and hard by nature.

Become obsessive by nature

As the person tries to acquire more money and costly items he or she becomes obsessive by his or her nature. He develops affection with materialistic items and losses affection with his or her relatives. This makes the person obsessive by their nature and inhuman toward other peoples.

Losses faith

Perhaps the biggest flaw back of a person seeking pleasure in worldly things is that his or her losses faith in god and other such things. That person finds that materialistic things are the ultimate ones and there is no god or anything like it. The person finally becomes atheist and hard by his or her nature.

From the above points it becomes clear that materialistic success is not right for acquiring peace of mind. One needs faith and love in their life for attaining peace of mind.

Role of spirituality

Spirituality is one of the basic requirement for attaining peace of mind. Just becoming successful is not the solution for gaining peace of mind; one also needs to have spirituality in order to become peaceful and calm in his life. Faith in god is what one should have in order to become relaxed and peaceful.

Importance of relations

Giving the relations due importance is also a chief factor that helps in gaining peace of mind. What happens is that we get immersed in our hectic daily lives and fail to devote time toward our relation. This leads to breakup in relations and ultimately to loss of peace of our mind.

Adopting benevolent nature

The benevolent nature is required in case one wants to become successful and attain peace of mind. As the person becomes kind and compassionate he or she become serious towards his close relations. Such a person adopts healthy attitude toward life this in turn makes him or her happy and relaxed.

Therefore it becomes vital Why You need to redefine “success” for peace of mind by following In order to live healthy life