One of the SEO methods gaining popularity in the online world is guest posting. Search engine spiders are very smart that they won’t consider link building backlinks alone while giving page rankings to different websites. Lots of activities should be carried out on web to create legitimate backlinks. This includes link building, blog commenting, writing on social network pages, image linking, video link creation, guest posting etc.

Among the different proven white hat SEO processes, guest blog posting is a method that gains traffic on the web world. It is a link building method where you can post your articles on others blogs. For this you need permission of the web masters of the blog to post your articles and links on their blogs or websites. Once they realize you as a genuine writer then it is easy to post articles on their blogs and thereby getting a good figure of traffic. By doing this your website or blog will get many do-follow backlinks that ultimately improve the page ranking. More-than-that you can widen the fans and followers group.

More backlinks, new readers, new group connections all these are possible with Blogger outreach, and all these leads to indirectly improve your reputation on the web world. Depending on the blog which you choose for posting your article you can write articles of your area of interest.  Fancy writing, personal writing, serious writing any writing method can be adopted. To get more readers and followers it is better to go with genuine blogs that give information using a neat, precise and crisp writing.

Some tips to become successful guest posters are as follows: –

Be real – Write on the blog without hiding your real identity. Most of the webmasters blogs will have link to social media websites. If you have a personal facebook account, then the articles posted on the blog with your name and contact details make readers feel that you are a real person.  Most of the online readers like to read articles posted by genuine people. So write with your real name on the blogs. This directly or indirectly improve the PR of your personal and professional websites.

Careful selection of blog topics– You can find lots of blogs written on a large array of topics. Choose those blogs which contains articles on topics of your interest. Plagiarism is a real issue on web. To write genuine and unique articles you should choose those topics in which you have interest and in-depth knowledge. Well written and informative articles will definitely have readers.

Target advanced readers- When some people write on blogs to satisfy themselves, certain other does it for marketing purpose, both type of articles should finally invite readers to scan through their article. Other than scribbling basics of a topic, it is better to go deep into the subject and write seriously about it. Serious readers will hit such blogs.

Writing on real experience attract more readers- Other than writing based on facts and figures, readers are more interested in reading real incidences and real experiences. So write more about your life and interesting incident happened in the life. So, what do you say?? Do you want to be a guest blogger?

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Austin K is an outreach expert and influencer relationship manager at Megri Blogger Outreach who promotor brands, business and website owners through outreach, partnerships, and networking with bloggers, Influencers and Vlogger. He writes on topics on retail,money, travel, wellness, education and business.