Sony Alpha 6400 Review

With the growing demand of better cameras in smartphones, companies are introducing new and better features to maintain their dominance in the mobile market. Sony has been producing amazing phones with latest trending features. The recent model of Sony is all set to drive people crazy with an outstanding camera and video recording capabilities. The new Sony Alpha 6400 is going to make a huge impact on the market with its remarkable and exclusive features. Its cost is INR 75990. Let’s take a good look at the pros and cons of the model and see how good sony has actually done.

Features –

The phone’s predecessor is sony alpha 6300, which has been a hit because of its camera and fast auto focus feature. Sony Alpha 6300 takes .05 second to auto focus on a subject and the new Sony Alpha 6400 takes only.02 second. The new model has such an amazing camera that you can click professional photographs with it. It has APS-C sensor and E mount lenses that give you outstanding and professional results. The camera is very quick. And it’s not just about the camera being quick. You can explore and experiment with the camera a lot. You can try lenses, go from 18 to 135 mm for instance, and explore the various modes and scenarios of shooting stills and video recording. For those who have already used a sony phone will easily get the layout of the apps and camera. You can buy this device online using Mobikwik Add Money Offer with great offers.

The camera of Sony Alpha 6400 works amazingly not only in daylight, but also in dim lights. You too will be impressed to see how well the camera works in dim and evening light. Daylight photography with it is highly impressive as well. The color reproduction is marvelous, with properly detailed and crisp shots. The designing of the camera has been made in such a way that a beginner can easily learn and get used to it. There is a 2.95 inch TFT screen that has been placed at the back of the phone. This screen can be tilted and it can be brought in the opposite direction for convenience. This will make the user visualize what they have been shooting. This feature is very useful for vloggers.

Video Recording –

The camera, like most of the camera now, can shoot very well in 4k. Now, what exactly makes it so special then? Sony Alpha 6400 has a feature of hybrid AF and this feature keeps the main subject in the video focused, even when the video has too much of mobility. Time lapse, fast motion and slow motion are also available. This camera is the latest and the most advanced when it comes to smart phones. This phone has been designed for future and for perfect photography. For those who have been looking for a smart phone that offers flawless camera and those who have to record a lot of videos, this phone is just what you will ever need.

Conclusion –

The highlight of Sony Alpha 6400 is its camera and video recording. New users might take their take to get used to the features and modes. The layout of the phone is just like a usual sony mobile, with similar applications and settings. The phone’s interface is interactive and very convenient. The mobile itself gives a premium feel and the aesthetics of the model are very classy. With video stabilization and the new feature of auto focus on the subject even when a lot movements happen in the video itself, it makes the phone reasonable for the price tag that it has. Also, point and shoot camera saves a lot of time and energy. The phone has especially been designed for the newer generation who are into vlogging and blogging. Keep your feeds updates without wasting much time on adjusting your camera, videos and subjects been shot. Click amazing pictures with this phone and keep posting content on social media. Moreover if you are looking for a job as technical officer technology then it could be better chance to try it.

The phone costs ₹75990 and if you plan on buying 18 to 135 mm lenses along, the price becomes ₹109000. But it’s a good investment for you get a lot more features and ease. This is the smart phone of 2019. Develop your photography skills and shoot perfect shots and videos with Sony Alpha 6400.

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