Graphic Design Jobs That You May Not Have Known Existed

Many are familiar with jobs in graphic design, knowing that these artists are needed for images for websites, magazines, brochures and much more. It is a field that has grown rapidly along with the rise of the internet, and only seems to be getting bigger in terms of the amount of people that are needed in the field. It is truly a great career path to choose if you are looking.

Graphic Design Jobs

One area that many graphic designers don’t really consider is getting into government jobs. The government of India needs a lot of graphic designers that can assist in a wide variety of tasks to make the department, agency, or the government run a lot smoother. If you are looking for jobs in graphic design within the government, here are some great options for you.

Email Marketing Designer – no one really thinks that the government needs a marketing designer, but the government often has to sell itself on the services that it provides. This is often done through email campaigns, and good designers are always a bonus to make the emails a whole lot more appealing. This could be just the position that you may be looking for.

Flash Designer and Developer – the website for government agencies is very important. This is how people found out about a lot of services and information that they need to know about, and so the site needs to have the right information to be able to provide to them. It also needs to be designed in such a way that people will come to use it. If it does not look appealing, then people will simply not use it. This will mean that more people will either stop in or call which will tie up more man hours. Having a great looking site is a key and this is the kind of job where you can really help to make the government run a lot more efficiently.

Information Architect – this is a position that helps agencies and departments determine the way that they will supply the information to users. This position not only allows you to help in the design of the site, but requires you to do research to find how people are coming to the site, what kinds of information they are looking for, and how best this information can be provided to them. If you want to be a lot more involved in web design beyond the look of the site, then this is the position for you.

Mobile Designer – let’s face it, most people are accessing the information they want from their phone. Having a great mobile website is quite important if you are going to reach customers and users and this is just as true in the government was well. Once again, those who find it difficult to gather the information that they need online will stop into the office or call, and this ties up resources. It is important to have a good mobile site and works for the user and you can really be involved in helping to make this happen.

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