A Brief Introduction To SSSTS Courses

The role of a supervisor is highly demanding, especially at construction sites where the risks related to health and safety, are higher. Along with ensuring timely completion of project by regularly monitoring the ongoing construction work at the job site, he is also responsible for keeping his employees, colleagues and work site safe. The SSSTS course is especially designed to educate supervisors regarding such issues and train them about effective techniques to counter them.

SSSTS abbreviation for Site Supervisors Safety Training Scheme and it is required for anyone who is currently handling or is expected to have supervisory responsibilities to undergo this training or course which provides them crucial information regarding health and safety hazards, as well as issues related to environment and welfare, at construction sites. Besides this, they are also introduced to various legal responsibilities they are expected to undertake during work activities. In simpler words, SSSTS courses make apparent the need for ensuring overall safety of workers, in turn enabling supervisors to perform their role effectively.

The content of SSSTS course is planned keeping in mind the job responsibilities of supervisors. The aim of this course is to make the supervisors understand the reasons for carrying out various duties at job site. Along with this they are informed about the need for adopting safe work practices in order to ensure safety of not only the workers and colleagues, but the workplace as well. Once the course has been finished, the participants are expected to understand various problems that the industry might be facing and get detailed knowledge about the need for and benefits of reactive and proactive supervision.

Along with this the current and future supervisors are trained to carry out effective monitoring of site activities, assessments of risks and recognise why method statements are crucial for work environment. It is very important for the supervisors to know how the laws related to health and safety at workplace are structured and how their role as a supervisor corresponds to the management of an organisation in order to ensure complete safety at work site. Once the course has been completed they will also become proficient in other important tasks, which include carrying out inductions at work sites and delivering briefings about method statement.

During the course period, the participants are given various projects to be completed in groups, while a tutor constantly assesses their performance and growth. As the SSSTS course concludes, the method used for final assessment includes a test, which consists of multiple choice questions. Those who are able to complete it effectively and then submit the given projects and test are given a certificate, namely Construction Skills SSSTS, also called Site Supervisors Safety Training Scheme Certificate.

SSSTS courses are ideal for anyone who wants to acquire basic understanding of healthiness, safety and environmental issues arising at workplace and effective methods to avoid such problems from hampering the worker’s health and work environment. Short duration of this course, which is organised for two days, makes it highly convenient for new and existing supervisors to take some time out of their schedule and undertake SSSTS course which will further enable them to make their work site safety compliant.

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