So how can you get any kind of discount of an Apple product? This is an often-asked question as Apple is well known for their premium pricing strategy. They may be in the midst of the same economic turmoil as the rest of the world and the technology sector but if there’s one thing Apple doesn’t do, it’s cheap products. New models simply replace old versions which are retired normally rather than highly discounted. So where can find a good deal for an Apple product? Well be a little be savvy and you might just be able to bag yourself anything up to 15-18% off recommended retail prices. Here are some pointers as to how to do it.

Direct resellers and distributors

You won’t manage a massive discount here but you may well get a few pounds off in comparison to going direct to your Apple store. Official Apple stores have a policy of charging the most expensive price for their goods so try some resellers who should have more of an incentive to sell you that product.

Wait for Christmas

No not so that someone buys your dream Apple product for you as a gift but sometimes Apple will put on special promotions around the big seasonal holidays. If you are prepared to wait not only could you Sell your Macbook online to raise some funds but you could also save a little bit of money.

Auction sites

Apple products have been available though sellers on a variety of auction sites for a number of years but note this word of caution. Remember that Apple laptops hold their value incredibly well so if a price looks too good to be true then it probably is. Only ever use the official payment means of the site as this will give you some level of protection and always check out their feedback. If the feedback seems out of date or is negative it is probably worth steering clear. Taking all that into consideration you could bag yourself a great little bargain.

Apple refurb store

This used to be Apples’ little secret, an online store that only opened on a Wednesday and sold on a first come first served basis. Nowadays it’s open all week but the same ‘when it’s gone its gone’ mentality remains. These machines generally have been sold and returned for some reason or have been one of the demonstration machines at an Apple store. You may hesitate at the notion of them being pre-owned but there have been reports of some of the laptops looking like new, fuelled by the idea that Apple uses this store as a sales point for models it is discontinuing. All products for sale here have gone through stringent testing to make sure they are still in first class working condition. Your laptop will not come in its original box but will come with all the leads and accessories you’d expect.

So it would seem that if you want to get some money off your next Apple laptop the best place to go to is the refurb shop – if the idea of a used laptop concerns you then perhaps look at taking out an AppleCare as extra piece of mind for you.