Search engine optimisation (SEO) is going through a rather turbulent time of change to say the least. The world’s growing dependence on the web and the major search engines thereon has led to an era in which SEO has the potential to be more powerful before. This has only been further accelerated by the hundreds of millions of mobile devices the world over being used for billions of new search queries every month – those hitting the upper-reaches of the rankings really can score bigger than ever.

However, the more powerful SEO becomes in principle, the bigger the challenge of getting it right becomes. Worse still, great rewards have never come without great risks, which in the case of SEO manifest in the form of the severest penalties ever to be dished out by Google becoming an everyday occurrence for some. And where penalties are enforced, it’s more than possible for the business concerns to be driven off the face of the Earth…gone…dead…for good.

This is why now more than ever, it’s crucial not to take chances on the SEO professional or third-party business any firm takes on to look after its own website. Mercifully, it’s becoming easier by the day to weed out those SEO firms that should be avoided at all costs as most give pretty conclusive clues about their less-than desirable dealings.

One-Off Service Packages

For example, SEO has throughout the modern history of the web been something of a long-term, ideally permanent strategy for success in business. It can take many months for the effects of a positive SEO strategy to begin showing through, making it impossible to achieve anything on a quick-fix basis. This is true now more than ever before, though there are still plenty of SEO firms claiming to be able to transform the fortunes of any given business with a one-off intensive SEO campaign of around six weeks or so. In any and all such cases, such packages are wholly worthless and borderline dangerous.

All-In Bargain Deals

The same logic also carries over to the subject of price – SEO requires a great deal of time, effort and dedication for the long-term. This is why it’s unrealistic to expect a winning SEO strategy to be offered by any professional third-party for an outright bargain price, or for something of a one-time-only payment. To be promised the moon for an all-in price of £29.99 is to run the risk of being duped by a less-than adequate SEO partner who may put the reputation of your business at risk, along with your money.

Unrealistic Placement Promises

It has never, ever been possible for any SEO company, – even the professionals like Jenkinson & Associates– to promise and deliver specific rankings in any given area of business. To offer number-one rankings in Google or any of the other major search engines is one of the most common marketing ploys among barrel-bottom SEOs and is perhaps the easiest tell sign when looking to weed out those to avoid. Delivering first-place rankings consistently is impossible, therefore to be told it is in fact anything but is to be lied to.

Impossible Timeframe Guarantees

All businesses would ideally like to see the return on their marketing investments coming through sooner rather than later, but SEO is a strategy that requires extensive time to even begin kicking in. As mentioned above, not only is it difficult to predict the long-term behaviour of any SEO strategy in advance, but it is also wholly impossible to guarantee any results at all over the short-term. When an SEO professional claims to be able to help a business climb the rankings practically overnight…which so many still do…it’s basically an admittance of running an SEO effort you want nothing to do with.

Evidence of Forced Results

Last but not least, the only thing worse than wasting any money at all on a shoddy SEO partner is investing money in an SEO strategy that destroys any chances your business ever had at success. It’s a pretty terrifying prospect to say the least but a realistic one nonetheless – make the mistake of crossing Google with black-hat SEO or spam these days and you run the risk of being cast off the rankings altogether and never again being considered for reinstatement. From keyword stuffing to low-end backlink building and all manner of other outdated tactics, if there’s any reason at all to believe that the SEO provider is in the habit of working in such a way, you’re better off staying well away from them entirely.