Common Search Engine Optimization Problems How We Can Deal With Them?

If you have a website for selling and demonstrating products and services, you’ll want to make sure that it easily found by Google and the other major search engines. Search engine optimisation can be done on a small scale by yourself, or you might employ a digital marketing agency to do this on your behalf. Seo problemsSeo problemsGetting specialists to do this work is often a good idea as they are able to keep up with the changes to the ranking algorithms which are vital to where your website appears when someone types in a search phrase.

When an agency takes control of managing your SEO campaign, they might come to you with a number of common fixes that they can implement to your website. We’ve got the lowdown on what some of these mistakes are so you can learn more about them.

Labeling headings

As you’ll know, the content on your website is marked up using HTML which lets search engines know exactly what they’re dealing with. One problem that seems quite common is that of headings which break up the text. Some people will simply change the size of the font so it’s larger than the body text, or they might use bold font instead.

It is preferable to use special tags around your headings so the search engines read the page properly. For example an <h1> tag would denote a primary heading, whereas an <h2> tag would show a subheading. If you are going to implement these tags, start with the most important pages of your website first such as your homepage and key product and service pages.

 Dealing with dodgy links

A large part of an SEO campaign is that of link building. It isn’t just the work that you do on your website that affects where you rank in the search engines, it is the websites that point back to your site through the means of links with anchor text (using keywords important for your business).

The World Wide Web is full of many different types of website, and some won’t be as desirable as yours. The websites that the search engines classify as spammy have negative consequences for you if there is a link to your website on theirs. This could lead to the search engines de-indexing your web pages and not showing your website to users of search engines – potentially affecting your income and revenue. A fix here would be to use a link removal company who can identify these bad links and arrange to have them eradicated from your link profile, satisfying the search engines once again.

 Lack of content

Another common SEO issue is simply websites not having enough content on their websites. This has seen resurgence with the growing number of HTML5 websites that have a bias towards more image based homepages instead of having useful text. If you are going to use banners on your site, makes sure that the website copy is readable rather than being implemented within an image. Google and the search engines won’t be able to make sense of what the page is otherwise which could affect your ranking potential. The fix is simple, include more relevant text on your website!

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