Tips To Build Good Driveways

Driveway may be defined as a private road to have access to one or few structures that are maintained in a collective or individual manner. Beautifully designed driveways not only enhance the value of the buildings but also provide great convenience to the owners. Following tips can go a long way to have the best driveways. 


a. Advance planning – It is advised that a viable plan is chalked out to build an excellent driveway for entering your building structure. The area of the driveway should be measured accurately with the help of the architect duly licensed by the concerned authorities. The width and length of the driveway should be perfect to avoid any complications. There must be sufficient space for parking your vehicles including cars or scooters. Same is true for the parties that often take place in the houses or offices.

b. Budget – Then comes the budget for the driveways that must be got prepared by the architect. You should allocate sufficient funds for the driveway that not only beautifies your house but also enhances its worth in many ways.

c. Permission – The authorities must be consulted before going ahead with your building driveways. There could be some restrictions with regard to the parameters fixed by the municipal councils or other authorities as far as the driveways are concerned.

d. Get the soil tested – It is highly recommended that the soil of the piece of land on which you intend to have the driveway must be got checked. Loose or loamy soils need to be amended by adding clay so that it becomes suitable for the driveway project.

e. Underground work – The underground utilities if any must be got checked and settled before going ahead with adding the fill material or other settings. The electricity wires or the water lines must be checked and rectified in advance so that nothing goes wrong with them at later stages.

f.   Slope work – It is suggested that the slope of the driveway should enable the rainy water to flow out in a fast way so that nothing goes wrong with the foundation of the building.

g. Greenery – Sufficient number of flower plants and green trees must be there in the driveway that should give glamorous looks to your building premises.

h. Lighting – Varied colours of lighting fixtures in the driveways add glamour to your building premises. Hence, you should select good lighting also for the driveways that must look quite attractive at nights.

i.    Entrance gate – The driveway of your building structure should have a good entrance gate so that you can have access in a protected manner. Strong gate on the driveway would discourage the unauthorized outsiders to enter your buildings.

j.    Type of driveway – Last but not the least is the type of driveway you intend to have. Few people love simple concrete driveways while many prefer other types including the ones built with slabs or other formations. The choice is yours and depends upon your budget and other considerations.

Candidly, attractive driveways are a matter of pride and pleasure for the building owners.

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