5 Latest Automotive Trends

The automotive industry has been under pressure as the world comes to terms with financial challenges and the ever increasing oil prices that never seem to go down. Buying a new car is a difficult option for many people and most car owners try to delay essential repairs and maintenance. People submitting their driving licence application wonder what the future will be for the automotive industry. 5 Latest Automotive Trends Given below are 5 latest automotive trends that you will see as automobile manufacturers adapt to the changing economic conditions prevailing in the world today.

1. Technology

First and foremost technology will play a larger role in all types of automobiles. Whether it is enhancing safety inside for passengers inside vehicles or integration of mobile devices like cellphones and tablets there are more and more innovations being made. Besides advanced GPS systems you will see more cars with in-built parking guidance systems, blind spot alerts and self-parking technology. Self-driving vehicles will also make their début although the technology is at a nascent stage.

 2. Accessories

With the proliferation of apps and various software alternatives, car owners will spend more on tech accessories to assist them while they are driving and to keep them entertained during their commutes and long drives. With so many gizmos and accessories in their vehicles, owners will keep their cars with them longer than before and automobile makers and finance companies will offer more attractive service plans and pre-paid service options.

3. Hybrid Car

The long wait for affordable technology is getting over as hybrid cars start coming within reach of the common man. Adopting hybrid technology is a way for people to give back to the environment as awareness of being friendly to nature increases all over the world. More and more consumers will go in for hybrids as fuel prices go higher.

4. Smaller Vehicles

Small cars will see a boom period as people opt for vehicles that will give them more for each unit of currency they spend. One of the most popular small cars, the Mini Cooper, is seeing increasing demand in many countries. Young and first time car owners have a small car in mind even as they submit their driving licence application. New versions of trucks and SUVs are being launched in smaller versions so that people can enjoy the benefits of superior fuel economy and at the same time have the luxury of a truck or SUV.

5. Mobility and Sharing

The shared car market will evolve further with rising fuel prices and the uncertainty of the future. This market includes taxis and other hired vehicles on one hand and leased and rentals on the other. This trend will develop in the future to a state where there will be increased mobility without the use of cars. This will save city roads from becoming over congested and also offer economy to most people.


As we can clearly see from the 5 latest automotive trends, the automotive industry is trying to move with the changing needs of the consumers as well as adapt to the shifting economic situation. The environment is also playing a large role in the evolving automotive trends and people want to ensure the availability of a greener environment for the future generations.

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