Five Reasons To Move Your Media Company To London

The focal point for media production in the UK has always been in the Greater London area. Famous studios such as Pinewood, Ealing, BBC TV and Channel 4 Television have produced a huge percentage of the UK’s creative media output over the years. There are currently a host of production companies, music labels, editing houses and recording studios in and around central London that produce music, TV shows, video games and feature films which are sold all over the world.

While times are changing and new media ventures can establish themselves and find customers online, the best way to move to the next step is to literally move to where the action happens. Here are five reasons why the move to London could help you.

Number 5 – Networking

While social media allows us to promote to our desired audience and to “make friends” with people in other creative areas, there is nothing like working a room the old fashioned way. Central London is full of galleries, exhibitions, trendy gigs and media launch parties. These are the places where you might meet your next big investor or your next top client.

Number 4 – Ease of Access

Unless you run a complete end-to-end production house, you will need to work with other businesses and independent contractors. Working in the middle of London makes this easy in the creative industries. If you need a video editor, a piano tuner, a steadicam operator or a stunt-man in the next hour you’ll find them in London, no problem – and they are probably only ten minutes away from you on the tube.

Number 3 – Raw Talent

London is one of those cities that attract talented people hoping to make their name and find fame. With hundreds of tiny theatres, live music venues and stand-up comedy clubs, London is the ideal place to spot fresh new talent, first hand.

Number 2 – International Aspirations

London is a world business city and London City Airport means that you can be in the air and off for important meetings in the fastest time possible. The Eurostar links also give you the option to take the train straight into a number of European cities from central London.

Number 1 – Perception Is Reality

If you are in the media industry then you already know that image plays a huge factor in how seriously people take you. A swish central London office in an area that has that creative buzz in the air will give an instant good impression to anyone who meets you at your place of work. If you are trying to been seen as professionals, then speak to some of thecommercial property consultants Londonhas to offer and find yourself an office that gives you a professional edge.

There is only so much you can achieve working solely online. While the initial expense may be high, the eventual benefit of having traditional premises is huge. Becoming an established and respected brand means having a level of stability and safety. You can only get that by putting down roots.

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