Fireworks for a Very Personal Statement

I recently went to a close friend’s wedding.  It was a second marriage for the bride and groom so the celebrations were small and done with plenty of style.   The highlight of the whole day was the closing of the wedding breakfast with a personal display of fireworks.  Companies such as ACME Fireworks provide fantastic fireworks with more colour and noise than we have ever been used to and a formal display of sky rockets can make any special event complete.

Some while ago fireworks were only for a once a year celebration in the UK and were illegal in the Republic of Ireland completely, but recently fireworks have become more mainstream with reputable suppliers like ACME Fireworks entering the market.  Often associated with big public events such as New Year’s Eve and Chinese New Year as well as the Indian Festival of Lights, Diwali it is now becoming possible to buy fireworks throughout the year.

Dos and Don’ts of Organising a Firework Bash

If you are organising a firework display of your own then ACME Fireworks supply a very varied range of fireworks that will make your event go with a real bang but whatever fireworks you buy the top four tips for a safe display are;

  • Make sure your site is large enough to display fireworks safely, especially if you are having a bonfire
  • Check your site during daylight to make sure there are no overhanging branches
  • Buy your fireworks from a reputable supplier such as ACME Fireworks
  • Make sure you have adequate fire fighting equipment such as sand buckets

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