Ten Incredible Link Building Tactics To Rule The Serps

Search engine optimization, commonly referred to as SEO, is an essential constituent of the digital marketing industry. It plays an active role in determining the success of a website. Modern-day marketers understand the significance of SEO and attempt new strategies to maximize their efforts and enhance websites’ rankings. Although the digital marketing landscape constantly evolves, SEO still holds importance, and innovative yet effective SEO strategies can change the entire scene.Internet users generally focus on the first page of the SERP search engine results page and do not check out the last pages. Marketers understand users’ habits and compete against each other to reserve a spot in the initial pages of search results.

Internet is all about links, and link building is an old yet powerful technique of directing people to navigate from one website to another. Link building is hyperlinking text with other websites’ links. When users click on the hyperlinked text, it guides them to an interlined website. Search engine algorithms are getting smarter daily, and they consider backlinks as an essential element while displaying results. Acquiring backlinks from relevant and authentic websites make a website eligible for high ranking; whereas, low-quality and irrelevant backlinks can be a red flag.

Marketers strive hard while applying link-building strategies, but often their efforts do not succeed in bearing results. Some of the excellent link-building tactics to rule the SERPs are as follows:

Reclaim Broken links

Marketers build links and publish the content, but they forget to check the previous ones. Sometimes the linked website removes its pages or changes the URL, and your hyperlinked text leads users to an ‘error’ page.Broken links can harm websites’ ranking as search engines put broken link hyperlinked websites on the back pages.One effective link building tactic is reclaiming your broken links to benefit from your website’s available resource.

Local Business Citations

Local backlinks are powerful and display your website in front of your local customers. Getting a spot in a business citation is a crucial factor in improving your search results; however, it requires websites to take care of certain elements. Marketers need to ensure that they add the address, name, and phone number on a website. These factors are essential for business citations. Multiple tools on the Internet are available, which can help you find citation sites. You can enlist your webpage in business citation to have a substantial impact on SERP.

Commenting on Related Blogs

Building relationship is as vital in a virtual world as it is in the real world. Marketers get plenty of opportunities to forge connections with relevant websites. You can participate in your niche’s forums, comment on blogs and other social sharing websites. The key is to ensure that you post authentic information and include your URL to gain a backlink.

Convert Mentions into Links

Many web pages may have mentioned your brand name, but they may not have hyperlinked your websites. You can leverage these mentions and get more visitors to your website. It helps in increasing your search engine’s ranking by requesting them to convert it into links. The Internet has various tools that help filter out all such websites. Contacting them to turn your mention into backlinks will support you in improving the website’s ranking.

Video Transcription

Video is a popular marketing tool, and it is gaining immense momentum. Many people ignore the long text and do not want to read informative blogs. Still, they do not mind consuming the same content through video. Subtitled videos have a broader reach as they enable deaf people to read subtitles. Moreover, you can have other languages translation and incorporate those subtitles in your videos to enhance your brand’s reach. Getting video transcription helps your link building and make new connections, which can benefit you in the long run.


Infographics are effective in promoting links and a creative way to increase your reach. Furthermore, it gives you room to be innovative, and you can try different things to promote your brand. Simple, relevant, precise infographics are successful, but you have to ensure that your target audience gains some information through them. A tip to create a powerful infographic is to limit it to 1500-2000 pixels so that it does not take long to load. An intelligent way to take more advantage of an infographic is to integrate right-targeted keywords to improve SEO.

Determine Competitors’ Backlinks

Keeping an eye on competitors is a golden rule of marketing. It helps you determine your position in the market and expose you to different practices that your competitors apply. Researching competitors’ websites will give you a list of links that most of them have in common, but you miss out on it. Once you have identified these links, you can leverage them for your link building and expand your circle.

Unique yet Value-Based Content

Internet users get a long list as search results, and marketers need to give them a reason to click on their page. The target audience wants to gain information but does not appreciate preachy content. Additionally, your content should be thought-provoking, innovative, and unique to make users return to your websites.

Apply ‘Ranking for Links’ Technique

Marketers publish a billion pieces of content on the Internet every day. If you analyze, you will realize most blogs reference bits of data from other sources. A smart way is to search for trendy topics and craft content around your niche, keywords, and domain. Due to the informed integration of these keywords and relevant topics, bloggers will cite your web page. You will gain backlinks without even asking for it.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is an effective tactic of link-building. Many websites will graciously accept to publish your piece on their page, and you can send them uniquely crafted content while hyperlinking your website. You must ensure that you provide users with general information and do not boast about your brand. Before you submit your post, ensure that the website is relevant and reliable.


Link building is an essential digital marketing tool, and intelligent application of effective link-building tactics helps websites rule the SERPs. The key is to be vigilant and search extensively before applying any technique. The outlook of link building keeps changing. Marketers need to stay aware of the latest digital marketing techniques and link-building trends. Experts suggest that marketers aim for fewer high-quality backlinks than acquiring more unreliable links. Link-building can enhance websites’ ranking and put companies ahead of their competitors, ultimately resulting in more sales.

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